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Hi there, I am Nithya a food photographer and food blogger for the last 16 years. Some of you may have known me as “Nina” through my blog With kids, job and routine work my baking and blogging took a back seat. I ended up losing my entire site content including the recipes, pictures that I had passionately built over 10 years. It was huge blow to me personally; however, I was determined to make a comeback and start afresh.

I developed a keen interest in cooking since I was in my 3rd grade thanks to my grandmother. While I had limited exposure to baking during my childhood. I still managed to bake my first fruit cake when I was 12 years old with a friend’s help.


After moving to US, I started persuing my interest in baking.  Over the years, I have read countless books, baking blogs and understanding the nuances. My prized possession is the small library that I built with a varied collection of well renowned Bakers.   I also wanted to get some real “hands on” experience and volunteered at a Baking lab and worked as a Baking assistant at a popular Cupcake store.


​I am grateful to have participated in the “Daring Bakers Challenge. That’s been by far the most influencing element for me. Everything was expected to be made from scratch. I have made Phyllo sheets, Puff pastry sheets, Ice Creams, variety of cakes to cookies to different specialty desserts, not to forget even mascarpone cheese was home made.


Anyways life happened, I am on a sabbatical now and decided to get back to things that I enjoy doing the most.  So here I am sharing my favorite stories, some sweet and some savory. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.


Nithya Vaid

Food photographer, Blogger,Taste-maker

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