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Caramelized Onion Crostata with Goat Cheese

If you are looking for savory recipes using Pie Crust, this one is for you. Beautifully caramelized onions rolled inside a pie crust makes a great Crostata. Crostata's are open faced tarts, usually a fruit tart. I adapted the original recipe from here and made changes as per my liking. I have never bought store bought Pie crust as I always prefer to make from scratch. But this one was an exception!

Caramelized onions and goat cheese pair up pretty well. Vidalia onions are found in summer months, so it is best to make use of them while in season.

Unfortunately my camera is not working, so I have not been actively blogging. Luckily I had a few blog worthy pictures in my drafts that came in handy. I made this Crostata last month and everyone loved it. I must say, they are pretty addictive!



4 vidalia onions, sliced

2 tbsp oil

2 tsp cayenne pepper(chili powder is fine too)

1 tsp sugar

salt as needed

8 oz goat cheese, crumbled

1 9" refrigerated Pie crust

Heat an iron skillet over medium heat. Add the oil and sliced onions. Cook stirring often with a spoon. Once they turn transparent add in the cayenne pepper, sugar and salt. Mix well. Reduce the flame and cook until the onions are dark golden brown in color. Remove from heat and cool it.

Preheat the oven at 375F. Bring the Pie crust to room temperature. Unroll it over cornmeal or some flour. Place it on a baking sheet. Crumble half of the goat cheese on the crust. Add in the carmelized onions and spread them all over the crust leaving a two inch border. Fold the border edges over the filling, crimping them every 2-3 inches or so. Spread the remaining cheese on top of the onions. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake until the crust is golden and the cheese is melted, about 25 - 30 mins. Serve them warm!


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